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·    Gavin meets with Kinver Green Belt Action Group


·    Gavin urges Staffordshire Council to reconsider increasing Cheslyn Hay Library Hours


·    Gavin welcomes rejection of Streets Lane caravan site Planning Application


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Gavin welcomes record level rail investment in Staffordshire

Essential improvements set to be introduced


Gavin pushes for Channel 4 to relocate to the Black Country

The region would see an economic boost and an increase in creative jobs


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West Midlands Interchange: The Results of the Referendum


On the 30th August, the final day of the stage 2 statutory consultation, I delivered over 1,400 referendum forms to South Staffordshire Council. Over 99% of residents who responded argued that the planning application should be rejected.


As expected, the second consultation led by Four Ashes Ltd has not addressed any of our concerns.  I am highly disappointed that Peter Frost, Managing Director of Four Ashes Ltd, has rejected my offer to have a public debate in Coven. I was hoping that, by having a public debate, Mr Frost would be able to give us straight answers about the effect the development would have on our villages. By rejecting my offer, it is clear that Mr Frost and Four Ashes Ltd are unable to publicly respond to our questions because they know they cannot provide sufficient answers.


We need to ensure that we continue to fight this development every step of the way. If the Planning Inspectorate accepts the application, we will make these arguments over and over again until we are well and truly heard.


Thank you to all those who, like myself, have opposed this ridiculous development and returned a completed referendum form to my office. I am so pleased with the response I’ve received so far and it is clear that South Staffordshire does not want, or need, this development.




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Gavin Presents WMI



Gavin Welcomes Record Rail




Gavin Meets With Kinver Green Belt Action Group




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Gavin Urges Staffordshire County Council



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Gavin Welcomes Rejection

Gavin presents WMI referendum results to the Planning Inspectorate


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Gavin welcomes record rail investment in South Staffordshire


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Gavin meets with Kinver Green Belt Action Group


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Gavin supports South Staffordshire's Care Navigation Project


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Gavin urges Staffordshire County Council to increase Cheslyn Hay Library hours


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Gavin opens Codsall Flower Festival


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Gavin Williamson welcomes rejection of Streets Lane site application by Caravan & Motorhome Club


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