Volunteering & Getting Involved

Almost all of the Conservatives who work for the Party do so on a voluntary basis. They run their local Associations and donate tens of the thousands of hours of their time every year to help the Party. They campaign all year round, delivering leaflets and canvassing voters in their local area. Our volunteers are also the people who raise the money to run the Party across the country, through membership subscriptions and holding events in their local area.

Each Local Association corresponds to a parliamentary constituency. While Associations vary in size, almost all follow the same structure. Officers of the Association are elected annually to positions that include President, Chairman, and two Deputy Chairmen – in the SSCA's case, a Deputy Chairman Political and a Deputy Chairman Treasurer. Most also have officers with specific responsibilities and an Executive Council, which draws representatives from the Wards that make up constituencies.

Everyone within the South Staffordshire Conservative Association, from Officers, to Branch Chairman, to Councillors, to Members and to Volunteers all play vital roles. They will always aim to achieve our 3 main goals above everything else.

Like with any worthwhile Association, there is always a lot of hard work to be done. But no matter how much or how little time you can give, we will always strive to make sure that your time with us is always well spent, and hopefully, extremely enjoyable. Below is a list of tasks that you can volunteer in to get involved with the Association and with its members.

Don’t worry if you have no experience in any of the below tasks! Neither had our current volunteers until they joined! On the job training will be given!

How can you help?

Deliver Newsletters/Campaigning Leaflets
You would be responsible for an area of houses (usually near or on the road where you live, unless you say otherwise) and would be required to deliver newsletters to those houses when needed. Delivery routes will be provided for you to use.

By delivering newsletters, you would be responsible for letting people know what your local Conservative Candidate does for South Staffordshire. It's also a great way to keep fit.

Take part in canvassing
Canvassing is the Association’s way of gaining information about the electorate’s voting intentions, worries and concerns. This information enables us to campaign effectively, and also helps to increase our membership base.

If you were to take part you would join one of our campaigning teams. You would visit a specific selection of people within an SSCA Branch, engaging in face-to-face personal interaction with voters. During election times you would also be joined by the Conservative Candidate for South Staffordshire.

Canvassing is not only a great way to keep fit, but it also gives you a unique opportunity to get to know people within your area.

Help us with our fundraising
We rely on funds raised through the events we run during the year. If you are interested in/passionate about fundraising, and have any good ideas for one or more interesting events, we will be sure to have some way of utilizing them. New ideas and helpers organising events are always needed, both at Branch and Association level. Events are always fun, very social, and allow members and volunteers to get to know each other and share each other's interests.

Donate to our local fighting funds

Donations are a key way in which the South Staffordshire Conservative Association funds its activities. Money donated is used to fund campaigning. Large or small, all donations are very gratefully received - without them we can't fight to improve standards of government in South Staffordshire or nationally.

Rules on donations: http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/find-information-by-subject/political-parties-campaigning-and-donations/donations-and-loans-to-political-parties

If you would like to make a donation, please download and complete the relevant sections of our Membership Application Form (found on our Membership Page) and send it to us along with your donation - we have designed it in such a way that you can use it not only to join us as a member, but to send us donations as well! Our office's address is:

South Staffordshire Conservative Association

4 Station Road


South Staffordshire


Please either include a hand written message with the form telling us what the donation is for, or send us an e-mail to our office informing us of your donation. Our office e-mail address is office@southstaffsconservatives.org.uk.

You can also use our contact form here to send us an e-mail if you wish. We will always personally thank anyone who sends us a donation.

Assist with Office Administration
All year round, the office appreciates any volunteers that can help our hard working staff keep the SSCA's Office running smoothly behind the scenes. Just a few of the tasks you can choose to assist with are:

  • Folding, stuffing, stamping and/or posting outgoing letters.
  • Dealing with post/incoming letters.
  • Receiving/making phone calls to members (or anyone else that is contacting us/needs to be contacted).
  • Updating membership data (while maintaining confidentiality).
  • Making membership cards.

Any help you can give will always be very much appreciated. Refreshments will be made available for our volunteers at all times.

Assist with Election Days and/or Annual General Meetings
We always need help on Election Days & at the Association's AGM's. We need:

  • Drivers to collect voters or members from their homes and take them to their polling station or AGM venue.
  • Tellers at each polling station to collect the electoral registration numbers (poll numbers) of voters.
  • People to inspect the membership cards of members as they enter or leave the AGM venue.

The details of any upcoming Elections and AGM's are on our website on our Local News and Events pages.

If you would like to:

  • Help out with any of these activities
  • Find out more more information about any of these activities
  • Find out more about volunteering & getting involved

Please contact our Chairman Barry Bond.

If you would like to become a Parish, District or County Councillor, please contact our Political Chairman Mark Sutton.

However, if you feel as if you would like to become a member of the SSCA instead of just being a volunteer, please click here to learn all about membership and its benefits.